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As a ski school, we rely entirely on natural snowfall and favourable conditions for snowmaking each winter - yet as a collective, we are actively destroying it. Study after study after study proves the incredibly negative impact of the ski industry on the environment. How many more studies have to be published before we act? If you live locally, the impact is tangible. We see it when the snow dries up in January. We see it in the fires lighting up the forest in the summers. Summer ski resorts in France operating on glaciers are dwindling. At this rate, we’re expected to have another 30 to 40 years in the resort. That’s it. Some ski resorts in France are even predicting permanent closure from 2030.

We aren’t just another ski and snowboard school in Meribel adding climate considerations because ‘it’s the done thing’. We shouldn’t be breaking the mould. We should be fitting into an already thriving community that puts protecting our mountains first – not as an afterthought. We wholeheartedly believe that coming together as a strong local community and aligning our core aims together to negate the detrimental effects on our mountains, is key to protecting our winters and ensuring years of thriving snowfall and riding to come.


1. For every hour, per group, per booking, we will be planting one tree with Tree's for the Future. At an absolute minimum we pledge to plant 1,764 tree's this season – a number we expect to skyrocket in the coming years. We have chosen to work with Trees for the Future this season - a company focused on training communities on sustainable land use so that they can grow vibrant economies, thriving food systems, and a healthier planet. Over the last 7 years, they've contributed to over 250,000,000 trees planted. We want that number to keep growing.

2. We have chosen to donate 3% of our earnings to Protect Our Winters (POW) for season 22/23', chosen because of their incredible role in protecting our mountains in the climate fight in Europe. They are more than just a fresh energy to the climate movement in Europe. They give a platform for sports enthusiasts and businesses to protect the places and lifestyles they love from climate change. We couldn't agree with their mantra more - we really do need all winter. On top of donating 3% of our seasonable earnings, we’ve set up a just giving page so if you’re as passionate as us about protecting our winters – you can donate directly to the cause here.

3. Where possible we want to lower our carbon emissions. Being based in Meribel, we ask our clients from neighbouring valleys to push back the normal 9am start time to 9.30am, so that we can use the public transport already available to get to you, and reduce cars on the road. We also have a company hybrid vehicle to get us from A to B where necessary.

At Rhythm alone – our impact is small. It could be mighty with the support of the local community and the Mairie. That’s why making connections with local brands that put the environment at the core of who they are is integral to our mission. We’re working alongside local brand One Tree at a Time who are doing incredible work in Meribel building an environmentally focused army and changing behaviours and habits of those a little ‘stuck in their way.’ As we intend on using the ski uniforms you see on us for as long as possible, we'll be sticking to One Tree's motto - repair don't replace. We’ll be working with them going forward at events, litter picks and helping where we can make our collective community thrive. Check out their mission here.

We have chosen to use market-market leaders Burton as our uniform provider because of their proven durability and their stellar company values. Using sustainably resourced materials and giving back as much as they take, Burton is an icon when it comes to environmental friendliness. We still are aware that even the production of these materials is damaging, but that’s why you’ll see us wearing this same uniform for many years to come.

We know that in our industry, even if we could be 100% sustainable, we can’t stop our clients from travelling hundreds of miles using different modes of transport to get to us. We’re not claiming to be perfect. There’s always room for improvement. But we want to drive the conversation.


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